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Conservation Areas.

Ultra-slim double glazing bespoke for conservation projects across the UK

If you’re an architect, glazier, or contractor operating in the UK, you’ll no doubt have come across projects which require you to work within the parameters of a Conservation Area. Signifying any location/estate that are particularly notable for their special architecture or historic interest, The Original Glass Company fully supports this council scheme, but also recognise the difficulty that can arise when attempting to account for it.

Thankfully we have a lot of experience working with Conservation Officers up and down the country, having developed a thin sealed unit that is almost visually indistinguishable when compared to the units of original glazing they’re intended to replace. This, combined with their ability to dramatically improve the thermal and acoustic performance of these historical buildings, makes it easier for local constituencies to approve classic renovations, providing they look the part.

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Double Glazing for Conservation in the UK

Reproducing historical manufacturing methods

To ensure our Heritage windows are as authentic as possible, we use traditional processes of glass manufacture. We can supply glass units made from cylinder glass (1700 – 1850), hand drawn glass (1850 – 1900), machine drawn (1915 – 1960), and float glass (1950 – present day). Our dedication to preserving the character and history of period buildings makes us industry leaders in the supply of glass units for use in Conservation Areas.

1700 - 1850

Cylinder Glass

Ideal for any property evocative of the Georgian or early Victorian era, Cylinder glass was traditionally imported from Europe during the 1700s. Now, we lovingly re-create the style in our state-of-the-art factory, handcrafting every Cylinder glass sealed unit.

1850 - 1900

Hand Drawn Glass

You’d typically expect to find Hand Drawn glass used within properties that are Edwardian in nature, or just generally pre-First World War. Our skilled craftsman can expertly create indistinguishable glazed units in line with the original Hand Drawn style, perfect for late 19th century buildings.

1915 - 1960

Machine Drawn Glass

Machine drawn glass was first introduced into UK properties during the turn of the 20th century, with the industrial revolution well under way. The style therefore best suits properties dated anywhere between 1915 to 1960, lovingly crafted by The Original Glass Company team.

1950 - present

Float Glass

Sometimes referred to as modern glass, the team here at The Original Glass Company engineer thinly sealed float glass units that perfectly integrate into notable properties dated from the late 1960’s onwards.

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If you’d like to experience our premier product up close, we readily offer those of interest a super-thin double glazed unit sample. Wherever in the UK you are based, simply input your details online and our team will get one sent out to you promptly.

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Our glass meets the strictest of standards

BS EN 1279: Parts 1-6

This allows us to:

  • Offer a 5 year guarantee for the entire glazed unit, not just the glass
  • Provide you with industry leading ultra-slim glazing with modern performance
  • Pass the stringent building regulations surrounding conservation projects

Unparalleled authenticity perfect for conservation

Bringing period properties up to date with the modern performance levels they deserve while also retaining/preserving any established character and history is a process we are well versed with. Whether it’s through the use of cylinder, hand drawn, machine drawn, or float glass units, every type is engineered using the appropriate historic glass to make them look as beautiful as the genuine article when used in conservation areas. The following benefits, help give our sealed glass units a further edge:

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Ultra Slim Sight Lines

The original beading or putty hides the main structure of the unit

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Established relationships

We work closely with Conservation Officers to ensure suitability on all our glazed units

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Period glass

Our heritage glass range consists of cylinder, hand drawn, machine drawn, and float glass options

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Modern Performance

Krypton gas filled cavities combined with Low-E soft coating provide U-value levels as low as 1.1

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If you’re involved in a historical restoration project, contact The Original Glass Company today. We can help you to make a success out of your project by providing insight, experience, and a wealth of knowledge on a range of issues related to historical buildings.

For Architects

Giving project architects the smoothest time possible from the time of planning to final installation, we develop Heritage units that help you overcome even the most difficult expectations.

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For Trade

We actively fabricate and supply our entire range of thin sealed units countrywide to the trade, letting all reputable trade installers cater for conservation builds.

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