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Supplying the most prestigious conservation projects across the UK

Sister company to The Hollow Seal Glass Group – itself known for the development and supply of high quality glass products for well over 20 years -The Original Glass Company was formed soon after recognising the increase demand for high performance historic glazing across the UK. We wanted to dedicated our efforts solely to help architects and contractors hoping to cater for properties in conservation areas, giving them an edge over the competition.

Today, The Original Glass Company continues to innovate and develop a wide variety of thin sealed glazing options from our central headquarters in Cambridgeshire. Still remaining family-run, with a team of 50 skilled staff members that specialise in the re-creation of thin sealed units intended for conservation approval, this combined with our in-house state of the art production facilities helps guarantee an impressive result every time.

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About Original Glass - Holloseal

Premium quality thin sealed units for Heritage properties

At The Original Glass Company, we make things clear and simple when asked by architects, joiners, and contractors why they should consider us as their choice of heritage glass supplier. Whether it’s down to the way we source handmade and machine drawn glass from some of the very few traditionalist European factories remaining, design our sealed units with conservation in mind, or how we provide a plethora of glass finishes to suit all tastes, there are plenty of factors that make us the preferred partner in all heritage glazing projects:

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Super thin heritage sealed units

We’ve dedicated vast amounts of time and skill into developing thin heritage sealed units, delivering the best historic style and modern performance possible.

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Over two decades’ experience

Producing high-end glass products for close to 25 years, our level of experience in the sector means we can impartial knowledge and advice whenever necessary.

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Country-wide supply services

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, we have the means to supply our thin glass units to any location in the United Kingdom. Letting you complete a glazing upgrade any time and anywhere.

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Family-run service

We supply every thin sealed unit on a project-by-project basis, providing a more personal level of service not commonly found with other suppliers.

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Fully Tested Installation Materials

We have developed compatible installation materials with Hodgson Sealants, a leading UK sealant manufacturer, called Heritage Putty.

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Clear & Comprehensive Fitting Guidelines

We hold your hand through the process of successfully installing thin heritage sealed units.

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If you’re involved in a historical restoration project, contact The Original Glass Company today. We can help you to make a success out of your project by providing insight, experience, and a wealth of knowledge on a range of issues related to historical buildings.

For Architects

Giving project architects the smoothest time possible from the time of planning to final installation, we develop Heritage units that help you overcome even the most difficult expectations.

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For Trade

We actively fabricate and supply our entire range of thin sealed units countrywide to the trade, letting all reputable trade installers cater for conservation builds.

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